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Wakf Board land claim at Thiruchendurai: Temporary exemption for title deed registration

- September 15, 2022

Chennai, Sept 15 (BPNS)

A peace meeting held at Srirangam on Wednesday between affected parties, HR& CE department officials, police, revenue officials, and Wakf Board representative has decided that the title deeds in Tiruchendurai village can be carried out as usual.

It may be noted that a major controversy erupted in the Tiruchendurai area when the Joint III Sub-Registrar of Tiruchi asked a person, Rajagopal, who owns one acre of agricultural land in Tiruchendurai village to get a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Wakf Board for getting the deed registration.

This was following communication sent by the Wakf Board to a Sub Registrar in Tiruchi that the entire land parcel of 480 acres in Tiruchendurai village belonged to it. The Wakf Board, in the communication also said that those who want to register a deed for any land in the village should get a NOC certificate from the board.

This created a major uproar with local people protesting against this and they said that if that was the case the Chandrasekha Swamy temple in Tiruchendurai will also belong to the Wakf Board.

People took the matter up before the Tiruchi district collector and threatened that they will carry out a series of agitations against the Wakf Board claim. Local people also said that they had ‘Patta’, ‘chitta’, ‘Adangal’, and encumbrance certificates issued by the revenue department with them and that the claim of the Madeen academy was false.

After the meeting held at Srirangam, it was decided that the registration of title deeds in Tiruchendurai village would take place as usual and that there was no hindrance to it.

Tamil Nadu Inspector General of Registration has taken up the matter for further investigation and detailed inquiry on the claims made by the Wakf Board.

It may be noted that the Tamil Nadu Wakf Board is a statutory body that supervises and manage the Wakf institutions and properties in the state.