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G.K. Vasan against raking up Hindi imposition issue in TN

- October 19, 2022

Chennai, Oct 19(BPNS)

Tamil Manila Congress leader and former Union Minister for Shipping and Ports, G.K. Vsan has said that the issue of the alleged Hindi imposition being raked up in Tamil Nadu was clearly intended at vote bank politics.

Vasan said that there was no reason to believe that the Union government was for imposing Hindi in the country.

The former Union minister in a statement on Wednesday said that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi had in a recent meeting of State Law ministers and Chief Secretaries called for using mother tongue in court proceedings so that people understand the matter much better.

The TMC leader said that in every state its mother tongue was given importance and cited the example of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi calling for formulating the law college curriculum in mother tongue.

He said that in every state, its mother tongue is given prominence and added that in majority of countries, English was the link language.

G.K. Vasan said that people are free to learn Hindi or other language of their choice and free will and added that there was no imposition of Hindi language so far. The former Union minister added that the National Education Policy had also made this very clear.C