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C.P. RIzwan ,we Tellicherians are proud of you

- October 21, 2022

Riyaz Ponmanichi/ Dubai, Oct 21

Hailing from Tellicherry, we always takes pride in our 3 famous Cs, Cricket, Cake and Circus. But yesterday one C shone brighter than ever. “C for Cricket”, Today one of among us lead team UAE to a victory in a World Cup match. It is the first time in history UAE has registered a win in a World Cup tournament. This is a moment of glory not only for UAE cricket but also for a city where cricket is played for the first time in India almost 2 centuries ago. This day should be written in Gold in the history of Tellicherry cricket.

Tellicherry has always been blessed with many gifted cricketers. But yesterday one man stood tall among all. CP Rizwan, he made all of us so proud. Not only he led his side to a historical win but played an innings, that without any doubt can be called as a captain’s knock. True display of Tellicherry brand of cricket in a world cup arena. This was that moment the entire Tellicherry and Tellicherrians were longing for ages. You made that possible. Thank you.

Me being closely following Rizwan’s cricket career for few years. I know his journey till T20 WC has not been an easy one. He has made lot of sacrifices, have to over come many obstacles, to be where he is now. His passion for the game, his dedication and above all his hard work,. All have been paid back immensely today. Its indeed a dream come true moment not only for you but also for all Tellicherry cricket fraternity. Hopefully it is just a beginning of many glories to be followed in your career and your life. Keep working hard, be focused and be humble as you always have been. Well done Rizwan. We all are proud of you.