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Industries in Tiruppur, Coimbatore to affect as workers leave for Deepavali

Chennai, Oct 25(BPNS)

Industries in Tiruppur and Coimbatore of Tamil Nadu will be affected as migrant workers in large numbers have left home for celebrating Deepavali. After the Covid -19 pandemic created a big lull in celebrations this year most of the labourers and skilled workers from North Indian states have left for home.

Coimbatore which is home to a large number of Medium, Small, and Micro industries, thousands of employees including skilled laborers facing an acute shortage of hands. 

K.M. Murugan, a small industrialist while speaking to BPNS said, “ I have 223 workers and more than ninety percent are from North Indian states. Of these most are staying here with their families, but still, they have left home to celebrate Deepavali with their extended relatives including parents, cousins, and others”.

In Tiruppur also the market is affected as most of the workers have left for their North Indian homes to celebrate Deepavali. 

Chandra Kumar. K.L, owner of a small textile unit in Tiruppur while speaking to BPNS said, “ Indeed our work is affected but for me, my workers are more important. Let them be refreshed after meeting their families and I have told them to come back only after ten days. I have already informed my clients that I will need ten more days for any deadline.”

It may be noted that with Vietnam and Bangladesh vying with each other to encroach into the Indian textile export market, ten days of leave is a huge gap leading to loss of business but the owners are Keen that the workers enjoy their holidays.

Several industries in Tiruppur had also booked flight tickets for their employees so that they utilize their leave properly instead of spending time in trains.