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Vaiko slams Annamalai, says BJP trying to politicize car blast case

- October 27, 2022

Chennai, Oct 27 (BPNS)

The MDMK general secretary and Member of Parliament, Vaiko came out strongly against the Tamil Nadu unit of the BJP and said that the saffron party and its president, K. Annamalai were trying to politicize the Coimbatore Car blast case. He said that the BJP was trying to politicize the issue to gain a foothold in Tamil Nadu. The senior leader was addressing media persons at Krishnagiri on Thursday.

He charged that Annamalai was indulging in reckless allegations and irresponsible statements and that this has become his habit. The senior leader said that however much the BJP tries, it won’t get a foothold in the Dravida land.

The MDMK general secretary said, “These are the same people who have been silent on the issues of worshipping Godse and the symbolic shooting of the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi in Uttar Pradesh.”

He said that the Tamil Nadu government was dealing with the Coimbatore blast case with an iron hand and added that immediately after the blast had traced down those behind the blast. The senior leader said that this swift action was a clear indicator of the efficiency of the Tamil Nadu police.

The MDMK general secretary said that even after the Tamil Nadu police had proved its mettle, the state government had recommended an NIA investigation showing the bonhomie the state government has with the NIA in investigating crucial cases.

He also said that the BJP does not have any right to comment against the anti-Hindi agitation as even in Karnataka where the saffron party was in power, there are objections to the three-language policy and people have come up against Hindi imposition.

Vaiko also said that the history of the anti-Hindi agitations of Tamil Nadu dates back to eighty-five years when the pioneer social reformers of the Dravidians, Periyar and Marimalai Adigar had spearheaded that movement.