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Covid 19: XBB variant of Omicron emerging as dominant sub variant

- October 30, 2022

Chennai, Oct 30 (BPNS)

The Omicron subvariant of Covid -19, XBB is fast emerging as the dominant variant in India with Tamil Nadu topping the number of cases.  Nine states in the country have reported on the XBB variant and of these Tamil Nadu has the highest number of cases.

GISIAD, an international research organization that has been monitoring the changes in the virus has reported that there were 380 confirmed cases of XXB in India. Tamil Nadu has reported 175 cases followed by West Bengal with 103 cases.

The other states that have detected XXB virus are Odisha (35), Maharashtra (21), Delhi (18), Puducherry (16), Karnataka (9), Gujarat (2), and Rajasthan (1).