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Sea back to normalcy in Kozhikode after receding from shore for a day, Tsunami ruled out

- October 30, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram, Oct 30 (BPNS)

After a day of receding from the Kozhikode shores, the Arabian Sea returned back to normalcy. People had come in large numbers to witness the phenomenon from in and around Kozhikode district.

It was around 4 pm on Saturday that the sea suddenly withdrew with no waves coming up and the area where the sea withdrew became plain land. The sea withdrew to a distance till the horizon.

After the crowd swelled up, the police and fire force personnel reached the spot and police put up a barricade to prevent people from reaching into the sea. Police warned people that the sea could come back with double the vigour and that this could be dangerous.

It may be noted that the Indian Ocean 2004 Tsunami was fresh in the minds of the people but the State disaster management authority clarified that there was no Tsunami warning or the possibility of Tsunami.

An officer with the state disaster management authority told BPNS that this was a phenomenon not related to Tsunami and that the sea has now returned to normalcy.

By around 4 pm on Sunday, the sea has come back to its original self with waves and is in a normal situation. On Sunday, large number of people reached Kozhikode beach only to find large number of fish in the place where the sea has withdrawn.

A.    Balu and K. Sakeer, friends and businessmen from West Hill, Kozhikode reached the beach and had a good catch of fish.

Sakeer while speaking to BPNS said, “ We had come to the beach for a run but found a large quantity of fish that could be collected using bare hands and we can even share the fish without neighbours. We were afraid yesterday, given the fact that the sea has withdrawn and the authorities were not coming up with a clear answer. Anyway, the sea is back and we are happy.”