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Mangalore blast : Karnataka police search several places in TN

- November 27, 2022

Chennai, Nov 27 (BPNS)

A special team of police officers from Karnataka are in Tamil Nadu and have searched many places in the state and summoned a few persons as part of the investigation into the details of Mangalore blast accused Mohammed Shariq’s travel and stay in Tamil Nadu.

The police team summoned Kamaraj, the owner of the mansion in Coimbatore where Shariq had stayed feigning his actual id. Police said that he had used a fake id and stayed at the mansion. Kamaraju is to appear before the Mangaluru police within three days.

The police team has also questioned the manager of the lodge at Nethaji Road in Madurai where the perpetrator of the Mangaluru blast had stayed. The Mangaluru police team has found the identity of the lodge tracing the phone details of the accused.

A source in the Tamil Nadu police team that was also involved in searches and raids at various places along with the Mangaluru police said that he had met a few people in Madurai and Nagercoil. It may be noted that he had made a call from a phone number of an Assamese migrant worker at Kanniyakumari. Police detained and questioned him but was let off as he had no relation with the accused.

Police is also probing as to why he had kept the Adiyogi Statue at Coimbatore as his dp. The question arises is whether it was for misleading the police or whether it was his way of communicating to the world as to it as his target.

After the ban of the Islamist outfit Popular Front of India (PFI) in India, the two incidents of lone wolf attacks at Coimbatore and Mangaluru have made the intelligence agencies focus in detail on individuals who were earlier let off in earlier incidents of violence and the antecedents of these people. Police have already sounded house owners, lodge, mansion, and guest house owners to properly verify the identity cards of those who are taking rooms and to intimate the authorities if anything suspicious was noticed.