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TN School education department direct school heads to ensure schools are clean and safe for reopening on June 6th

- May 27, 2024

Chennai, May 27 (BPNS)

Tamil Nadu school education department has directed the heads of schools to ensure that schools are clean and safe for reopening on June 6th.

Schools are also directed to make sure that class rooms and toilets are clean and neat. Furniture in classes and teaching equipment should be in good condition, the circular stated.

The department in a circular on Monday also directed teachers to take necessary steps to ensure that all children living near each school are enrolled.

The circular also called upon teachers and school heads to make sure that all students who have passed Class 10 continue their further education.

Schools are also directed to conduct two hours compulsory physical education classes and directed the Physical Education Teachers (PT) to arrive at least 30 minutes before the school work commences to check attendance of students, maintain discipline and also ensure that students are in clean and neat uniforms that are properly pressed.

The school education department informed the schools to remove obsolete laboratory equipment after properly registering them.

Managements of schools are also asked to remove the debris accumulated on the surface of the school building and to maintain the rainwater drainage system properly.

The circular also directed to ensure that the drinking water tank and the overhead water storage tank be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected so that clean and safe drinking water is made available to students.

School education department also directed schools to ensure that there are no dilapidated buildings or walls in school premises and to report to the department if there are any such buildings in dilapidated conditions.