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BJP national high command directs party TN leaders not to visit Kanniyakumari to welcome PM Modi

- May 30, 2024

Chennai, May 30 (BPNS)

The BJP national high command has directed the party Tamil Nadu state office bearers not to visit Kanniyakumari to welcome Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is reaching the district today for a three day meditation at Vivekananda Rock memorial.

Sources in the Tamil Nadu BJP state headquarters told IANS that the party office bearers will not be reaching Kanniyakumari to welcome the Prime Minister.

A senior leader of the Tamil Nadu BJP while speaking to BPNS said, “ The party high command has asked us not to reach Kanniyakumari to welcome Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The PM is reaching Kanniyakumari Vivekananda Rock Memorial to meditate in solitude and we are not supposed to disturb him during this period.”

Tamil Nadu Congress state president, K. Selvaperunthagai has petitioned the Election Commission of India not to grant permission to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to meditate at Vivekananda Rock Memorial in Kanniyakumari as this would be an indirect mode of election campaign. He said that with the Election Model Code of Conduct rules under the People’s Representation Act still in vogue, the Election Commission should not allow the Prime Minister to meditate at Kanniyakumari Vivekananda Rock memorial.