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Adverse weather conditions :TN forest department bans devotees from visiting Velliangiri hills in Coimbatore

- May 31, 2024

Chennai, May 31 (BPNS)

The Tamil Nadu forest department has banned devotees from visiting the Velliangiri hills in Coimbatore district due to adverse weather conditions.

With the southwest monsoon about to commence in a few days, the forest department has issued a directive for devotees not to climb the Velliangiri hills.

Velliangiri hill trekking is an arduous journey of 6 km, climbing seven mountains to reach the top of the seventh hill to worship Lord Shiva in Swayambhu ( self manifested ) form. The top of the hills where the self manifested form of Lord Shiva is present is at a height of 1850 m.

The Madras High court had earlier this year allowed the pilgrims to climb the hill from February till June following a petition from a devotee seeking withdrawal of ban by the Tamil Nadu forest department.

It may be recalled that 9 people have lost their lives since the trekking was allowed by the Madras High Court this year.

A senior official of the Coimbatore district administration while speaking to BPNS said, “ It’s a very tough and arduous task to climb the seven mountains to reach the top. Those who do not work out regularly will face many difficulties during the trek.”

Dr. Ramesh Gounder who climbed the seven hills in March 2024 told BPNS that it was one of the toughest treks he had undertaken and added that regular workouts and perfect fitness are musts for climbing the hills. He also advised people above 50 not to undertake the trekking to Veliangiri hills and those who are climbing to conduct a thorough medical check up before the trek.