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TMC leader GK Vasan urges TN government to postpone reopening of schools from June 6 by a week

- May 31, 2024

Chennai, May 31 (BPNS)

Tamil Manila Congress (Moopanar) President and former Union Minister, G.K. Vasan has called upon the Government of Tamil Nadu to take measures to protect school going children from the summer heat. In a statement on Friday, the former union minister urged the Tamil Nadu government to postpone the reopening of schools in the state from June 6 by a week to June 13.

The TMC leader said that the intensity of heat was continuously increasing during the summer season effecting both the general public and the livestock.

Vasan in the statement said, “ During the current summer season, people in many parts of the state are unable to go outside during day time. The intense heat is preventing students, youth, women and the elderly from going out and engaging in their activities properly. Severe heat in various states across the country has led to people faint and in some cases even fatalities.”

He also cited reports of schools in Delhi and other places in northern Indian states delaying their reopening dates due to heat waves and temperature reaching upto 50 degree Celsius. The TMC leader added that there were reports of water scarcity in many regions of the state and this was affecting the drinking water supply in schools.