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Modi colluded with IT officials to conduct raid on DMK functionaries MK Stalin

- April 2, 2021

Chennai, April 2(BPNS)

DMK president and party’s Chief minister candidate MK  Stalin came down heavily on Prime minister Narendra Modi and said that he had colluded with officials to conduct raid on DMK functionaries. He was referring to the Income tax raids conducted at the premises of his daughter Senthamarai and said that DMK cannot be intimated by such threats.

Addressing a public programme at Jayankondam in Ariyalur on Friday, the DMK supreme leader said “ Prime minister Narendra Modi reached Madurai yesterday night. He conducted meetings with IT officials and conducted raid on the premises of DMK functionaries”.

He said that  30 IT officials had conducted raids at his daughter’s residence and 100 policemen were deployed outside the home.

Stalin said, “We are DMK and we cannot be intimidated by the Income Tax or CBI raids and we don’t fear that. I was arrested under MISA and I cannot be cowed down by these raids.”

The DMK leader said that such raids were conducted at the premises of AIADMK leaders earlier and said ,”AIADMK is now controlled by the Central government using the central agencies. This is DMK and we wont budge an inch to such threats.”

He said that with only 3 days remaining for elections, the Income Tax raids were aimed at to confine DMK leaders and workers at their homes. Stalin said,” This wont work for DMK cadre, this is a different party and the people of Tamil Nadu will give their answers to this on April 6, election day.”

The DMK leader lashed out against the AIADMK government on the 10.5 percent reservation under Most backward class for Vanniyar community and said ,”It was the DMK that gave reservation to the Most Backward Communities including the Vanniyars. It was DMK that categorized Kongu Vellala Gounder as backward class community and provided reservation to them”.

MK Stalin said that Dalit Christians, Muslims and Arundathiyars were provided reservation by M Karunanidhi when he was Chief minister. He said, “ I will tread the path followed by my father Kalaignar Karunanidhi once we come to power.”

Jayakondam is a Vanniyar dominated community and the AIADMK, PMK, BJP alliance is campaigning on the 10.5% reservation to Vanniyar under the Most Backward Communities.