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Covid 19: 1119 streets of Chennai are turned containment zones

- April 13, 2021

Chennai, April 13(BPNS)

With the Covid 19 cases surging there is an increase in the number of containment zones in Chennai where there is a huge increase in the number of patients.

Chennai corporation has decided to classify each street with more than 3 active cases as a containment zone. There are 210 streets with more than 6 cases and 52 streets with more than 10 containment zones, according to officials of the Greater Chennai Corporation.

There are some streets which have more than 30 active cases like the nearby DAV Girls school that has about 38 cases. The Greater Chennai corporation has decided to have perimeter control over streets that have more than 6 active cases and will employ staff at the entry and exit of the streets. However houses will not be sealed as was done earlier during the first wave of the pandemic.

Alby John IAS, Deputy Commissioner, Greater Chennai Corporation while speaking to BPNS said, “ Only streets with more than ten active cases are blocked completely and the Corporation staff will help them with their necessary requirements.”

Around 6000 fever workers have been appointed to have extensive surveillance and monitoring of the disease. The number will be doubled to 12000 in a week’s time.

To prevent crowding in hospitals nearly 12 screening centres for CT scan are already established. The number of fever clinics which are on road sides are 50 at present and this will be scaled up to 400 taking into consideration the possibility of escalation of the pandemic.