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Chennai has less takers for Vaccine amidst high profile awareness campaign

- April 23, 2021

Chennai, April 23(BPNS)

The Greater Chennai Corporation has failed to achieve the target of 60,000 vaccines a day it has set for itself with the people not showing much interest to inoculate themselves. 

The corporation has conducted a webinar on Tuesday which carried all aspects of vaccination and it was to allay the fear of people. The Chennai corporation plans to conduct more such webinars to improve the level of awareness among the people.

The Chennai corporation is operating 400 walk in centres for all those who are above 45 and are functional since the past 45 days. 12.42 lakh city dwellers has already been vaccinated.

The death of Tamil comedian Vivekh after a massive heart attack was attributed by some as being a side effect of vaccination. Vivekh was a brand ambassador for Covid -19 vaccine and had taken the jab on last Thursday and had a massive heart attack the next day and lost his life.  While the Chennai corporation secretary G Prakash had clarified that Vivekh’s death was in no way connected to vaccine, people have had some apprehensions on the same.

The vaccination drive on holidays was less and this has affected the average number of vaccinations .

 Health officials admitted that people don’t want to take vaccination on a holiday mainly owing to the fact that their holiday mood may be spoilt following the after effects of vaccination like mild head ache, fever and running cold for some.

Thomas Mathew, a retired official with Ashok Leyland while speaking to BPNS said, “ Of course people have apprehensions but most of the senior citizens including me have taken vaccines, I think that the younger generation between 45 to 55 are showing reluctance as they don’t want to take a rest for one or two days if they get fever or cold following vaccination. More awareness programmes are the need of the hour and the society must achieve herd immunity to get protected from Covid.”