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TASMAC liquor sale crosses 252 crore a day on Saturday

- April 26, 2021

Chennai, April 26(BPNS)

TASMAC , the state government run liquor outlets of Tamil Nadu crossed 252 crore sales on Saturday ahead of the Sunday lockdown in the state. A release from TASMAC  said that this was the second time in April that the corporation’s liquor sale had crossed the 250 crore mark a day when on April 3, three days ahead of assembly polls, it had touched the 260 crore mark on sales.

The Chennai zone comprising Chennai, Chengalpet and Tiruvallar had a sale of Rs 58.3 crore on Saturday and Madurai zone had a sale of 49.5 crore. Salem Zone had a sale of 47.8 crore while Coimbatore and Salem zones collectively had a sale of Rs 97 crore of liquor.

The high end TASMAC outlets which are selling Indian Made Foreign Liquor(IMFL) which are situated in major malls and shopping complexes in the state will remain closed from Monday as the state government had instructed the shutting down of all major malls and shopping complexes ensuring strict Covid protocol.

TASMAC regularly has a sale of Rs 130 to 140 crore on Saturday  but on this Saturday it was one and half times the regular sale as the Sunday was lockdown.