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Stalin warns that relaxations could be withdrawn if lockdown norms are flouted

- June 14, 2021

Chennai, June 14(BPNS)

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin has warned the people of the state that the lockdown relaxations which has come into affect from Monday could be withdrawn if the Covid-19 protocol norms are violated.

In a video appeal released on June 14, the Tamil Nadu Chief minister said that with the relaxations in lockdown there is a tendency to flout the norms, the lockdown could be withdrawn anytime.

Stalin said that if the people abide by the rules, the state could move forward and allow the service of public transport as well as take steps to open schools and colleges.

He however thanked the people of Tamil Nadu in following restrictions during the past few weeks and said that this restrain shown by the people have helped in bringing down the Covid positive numbers.

The Chief minister in the video appeal said ,” After the Covid -19 fresh cases touched 36000 per day, experts were of the opinion that the state could touch 50,000 cases per day and then we decided to implement the lockdown. With the strict efforts of the government and total support of the people, we could bring down the number of fresh cases a day to 15,000.”

Stalin added, “We have contained the Covid -19 fresh cases and active cases but have not eradicated it completely”.

The Tamil Nadu Chief minister also said that the people should not relax in adhering to Covid norms. He also called upon the people not to crowd in front of tea shops and added that the relaxations are being brought into effect to help the livelihood of the people.

He also said that despite heavy criticisms the government has opened Tasmac shops to prevent people from consuming illicit arrack and smuggled liquor.