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Remdesivir drug sold at Kilpauk Medical College to prevent black marketing

- April 27, 2021

Chennai, April 27(BPNS)

The counter at Government Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai which is selling Remdesivir drugs to prevent black marketing of the drug is helping patients who are dependent on Oxygen. Huge queue is witnessed at the Kilpauk Medical College hospital with the relatives of patients coming up to buy the drug.

Tamil Nadu health minister Vijayabhaskar while speaking to BPNS said, “The drug is available at the counter of Kilpauk Medical College with the doctor’s prescription of the drug, Aadhar card, RTPCR Positive report and CT report of the patient. This is helping patients and private hospitals on a case to case basis.”

The medicine is available at the counter of KMC hospital  and is priced at Rs 1565 per dose including GST and this is a method employed by the Tamil Nadu state government to prevent the black marketing of the drug. Patients who require Oxygen support are prescribed six doses of the injection of Remdesivir.

According to the guidelines of Indian Medical Council and Research (ICMR), the drug is used for patients who have to depend on external supply of Oxygen and to improve the conditions of their lungs.

Remdesivir is used against Ebola virus and is now used regularly for patients affected by Corona Virus and the central government has banned the export of the drug and its pharmaceutical components.

Hospitals are also allowed to purchase the drug by showing the details of the patient’s records and the Tamil Nadu Medical Service Corporation (TNMSC) is selling the drugs to the private hospitals on a case to case basis.

Director of TNMSC, Dr P Umanath while speaking to BPNS said, “We are selling the medicine to the private hospitals after they produce the details of the patients and the records. This is on a case to case basis and we are insisting to these hospitals not to sell the medicine at a higher price. Government hospitals have the stock and hence we are monitoring the situation and providing medicine to private hospitals.”