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Puducherry to shut down all bars and liquor shops in the territory

- April 27, 2021

Chennai, April 27(BPNS)

Puducherry administration has ordered the closing down of all liquor shops, bars, toddy shops and arrack shops both retail and wholesale from Tuesday onwards till the midnight of April 30. This is following the Covid surge in Puducherry  headquarters, Karackal ,Yanam and Mahe.

Deputy Excise Commissioner ,Union Territory of Puducherry , T Sudhakar said that the department will close down and seal all shops which defy the order.

The administration had earlier permitted opening of wholesale outlets till 2pm everyday while directing the retail shops to shut down. However after Covid cases surged ahead, administration has called upon all outlets to down their shutters till April 30.

The deputy excise commissioner while speaking to BPNS said, “All licenses shall strictly comply with the directives issued by the Puducherry state executive committee. The department will take serious action against those who violate these directives under Puducherry Excise Act 1970”.

Suresh Babu, owner of a liquor shop in Mahe while speaking to BPNS said, “We have already received the communication and will shut down the shop till midnight of April 30. Let’s hope that this pandemic and its fury is over soon so that people live their normal lives.”