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Number of Vaccinations in Chennai falls as vaccines are in short supply

Chennai, May 7(BPNS)

The vaccination drive in Chennai is facing a block with the numbers of patients vaccinated per day dipping from 25,000 a day to 9000 since the past four days.

People who are seeking Covishield and Covaxin are sent back as the number of vials are in short supply in Greater Chennai Corporation. However health secretary J Radhakrishnan told media persons that  the state government has placed orders with two vendors, 7.65 lakh vials with one vendor and 2.65 lakh vials from another vendor.

Radhakrishnan while speaking to BPNS said, “ We will be receiving the orders and will place more orders.”

Health officials in Chennai corporation are prioritizing the vaccination of a second dose of vaccines. A senior health official said, “We are administering a second dose of Covaxin and are not giving the first shot to anyone.”

People are even trying private hospitals for the second dose as the Chennai corporation hospitals and PHC’s don’t have the stock. Those who have to receive the second dose vaccine these days are already knocking at the doors of private hospitals even though the corporation officials have assured them that waiting for a week more does not make much difference as far as the second dose of vaccine is concerned.

Doctors are of the opinion that with vaccination being the only option, the government must increase the supply of vaccines and try and inoculate more people.

Venugopal Nair, a senior epidemiologist with a leading private hospital in Chennai while speaking to BPNS said,” The money spent for vaccinating the people will be of great use and the government must seriously try options of getting the vaccine from the open market and inoculate as much people as they can.”