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In first cabinet meet, Stalin bats for strict lockdown in TN

Chennai, May 9(BPNS)

Chief minister MK Stalin has in his first cabinet called upon ministers and other officials to implement a strict lockdown in the state to prevent the spread of the Covid -19 virus.

He advised his cabinet colleagues to camp in the districts allotted to them and to execute strict lockdown in the districts. The cabinet resolved that unless strict lockdown is not implemented in the state from May 10 to May 24, the spread of the Covid virus cannot be contained.

The  Chief minister also called upon the ministers to ensure that all patients arriving at district hospitals are treated without any delay. The cabinet also resolved to provide adequate food to healthcare workers and patients.

The cabinet also resolved to settle the shortage of Oxygen which was plaguing the state government and to ensure proper supply of Oxygen and to strictly monitor that there is no wastage of the gas. It also appealed to people to get vaccinated as early as possible and also resolved to spread awareness on vaccination among the people of the state.

To implement all Covid related measures, the cabinet resolved to have a proper coordination of the concerned departments including health, revenue, police, urban and rural development. Chief minister MK Stalin directed all the ministers to ensure a coordination between various departments and to conduct review meetings for proper implementation of the government initiatives.

The state government has started selling Remdisivirto patients getting treated in private hospitals in Trichy, Salem, Madurai and Coimbatore. The cabinet resolved to monitor its sale as well as prevention of any black market sale of the drug.