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Anticipating third Covid wave in July, Tirunelveli district in TN to recruit doctors

- May 31, 2021

Chennai, May 31(BPNS)

The Tirunelveli medical college hospital in Tirunelveli district has commenced interviewing doctors anticipating a third wave of Covid 19 by July.

The Department of Health Services will be in need of more doctors and nurses to handle patients if the “third wave” strikes the state and Tirunelveli has been a hot spot with fresh cases touching up to 1100 cases per day. However with more awareness and stringent lockdown, the Covid positive cases in the  district has come down to as low as 150 cases per day.

The interview of doctors commenced at Tirunelveli Medical College on Monday morning with 150 doctors attending the walk-in-interview. Senior doctors and professors of Tirunelveli Medical college has interviewed the doctors who have attended the interview with their registration certificate and academic certificates.

The selected doctors will be paid a consolidated salary of Rs 60,000 per month and the doctors selected will be posted at Tirunelveli Medical College as well as other government hospitals in the district.

Recruitment of nurses and other medical technical staff will also commence soon.