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Lockdown begins in Tamil Nadu

- May 10, 2021

Chennai, May 10(BPNS)

After partial lockdowns and full lockdown on Sundays, a fortnight long lockdown commenced in Tamil Nadu from May 10 to May 24. With the government providing time to stock essentials including groceries and medicines, people are also equipped with these items and hence there were not heavy rushes in shops on Sunday.

However the TASMAC shops of Tamil Nadu witnessed huge sales on Saturday and Sunday with the business in two days across the state crossing 900 crores as several tipplers have stocked for the two week long lockdown.

Roads in Chennai were not much deserted as people with exemptions were seen travelling including journalists, health care workers, construction workers, food delivery agents. There  are no bus services and even government departments have not made it mandatory for the staff to go to office unless it is of a very important nature.

Police across the state were busy verifying the details of people who ventured out of their homes and are seen flagging down vehicles to check whether the public is travelling unnecessarily.

In Trichy roads had a deserted look as there was a heavy police deployment and this has prevented people from coming out into the streets.

Rajamanikyam, a businessman at Trichy who deals with Chemicals while speaking to BPNS said, “There is no necessity for people to venture out and we have all stocked essential items required for a couple of weeks. People have to show restraint from going out and to behave according to what the government has directed. The spread has to be mated.”