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Colleges in Chennai divided over conduct of online examinations

- May 10, 2021

Chennai, May 10(BPNS)

The Colleges in Chennai are divided over the conduct of online examinations with  colleges likeLoyola College, Guru Nanak College are planning to conduct online examinations while DG Vaishnav College postponing their semester examination till June.

Madras Christian College and Women’s Christian College have already completed their online examinations. The Chennai colleges were planning to conduct the online semester examination from May 3rd onwards after the election results but the state has announced a lockdown from May 10 to May 24.

Principal of Loyala College, Thomas Amritham while speaking to BPNS said, “ We have already completed 4 examinations and 3 exams are scheduled till May 15. Students and faculty members want to complete the exam and since online examinations are conducted students need not come out of their homes. Staff can invigilate the exams from their homes and hence we have decided to go ahead with the exams.”

The Guru Nanak college in the city has also decided to go ahead with the examinations and Principal of the college MG Raghunathan while speaking to BPNS said, “We have asked the faculty members to prepare to conduct and monitor the examinations from their homes and we will continue with this unless the government says no to conducting online examinations.”

Madras University and Anna University have in the meanwhile decided to defer the examinations owing to non payment of exam fee by the students as also owing to the setting of question papers. Madras University had planned to start the online semester examinations from May 17 and now will start the online examinations for affiliated college students after the lockdown is over.

DG Vaishnav college has postponed their online semester examinations to June. Principal of the College, Santhosh Baboo while speaking to BPNS said, “We were planning to start the online semester examinations from May 17 but as all the students do not have an internet connection we have postponed it.”