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Oxygen from Sterlite plant will help South Tamil Nadu overcome crisis

- May 10, 2021

Chennai, May 10(BPNS)

The production of oxygen from the controversial Sterlite plant is likely to commence from Wednesday thus helping 7 to 8 districts of South Tamil Nadu getting ample stock of gaseous Oxygen. This will help overcome the logistical delay of supplying Oxygen from other parts of the state to South Tamil Nadu.

The state government and the local administration has already provided critical support in reactivating Sterlite’s oxygen plant. All necessary approvals were provided in war footing to overcome the oxygen crisis.

The company will be initially supplying 35 MT of liquid oxygen and additional to this it has the capacity to fill another 30MT of gaseous Oxygen. SIPCOT- the state government body, which is coordinating with the industries, is getting the required cylinders ready.

The Sterlite company according to sources, will be increasing the production of both liquid and gaseous oxygen to 100 MT each within a fortnight.

However with the local administration allowing activists to monitor the functioning of the plant there may be hitches in the production. The Supreme Court has ordered the constitution of a monitoring committee under the Tuticorin district collector with the District Superintendent of police as a member of the  committee and this committee was to give assurance to the local people on the safety of the plant.