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Chennai corporation to slap 2000 Rs fine on Covid 19 positive home quarantine violators

- May 18, 2021

Chennai, May 18(BPNS)

The Greater Chennai Corporation will slap a fine to Covid 19 positive people who step out of their homes violating quarantine protocol will be slapped a fine of Rs 2000. A release by the Chennai corporation on Tuesday said.

Those who violate the norm by stepping out of their homes a second time will be admitted to a Covid care centre.  This is applicable to those under home quarantine after testing positive as well as their family members.

The press release said that those violating quarantine norms will lead to the spread of the virus. It also said that there are 2000 FOCUS volunteers to help patients in home isolation to get food and medicines.

The civic body had taken a similar action during the first wave of the pandemic to contain the virus spread. Those violating Covid norms faced legal action as well as institutional quarantine.