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TN Minister Sekar Babu’s comment against North Indians puts him in a tight situation

- May 26, 2021

Chennai, May 26(BPNS)

Tamil Nadu minister for Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Board and Member of Assembly from Harbour constituency, PK Sekar Babu has landed himself in a spot over his remarks that North Indians are getting richer and richer in Tamil Nadu owing to Dravidian politics and still they are voting for BJP.

Sekar Babu, DMK MP Dayanidhi Maran and DMK MLA I Paranathaman were invited to inaugurate a food bank event organized by the Mahavir International Chennai Metro where the minister spoke against those who did not vote for the DMK and labelled them as BJP.

The minister in his speech said ,” I have been living in this area for the past fourty years and have seen the growth of the North Indians.  You are economically empowered now due to the Dravidian politics and they uplifted your standard of living and not the BJP.”

He adds, “Under some illusion you have been continuously supporting that (BJP) party. Even our parliament member, Dayanidhi Maran would ask as to why I am struggling for you as you don’t vote for us, but I would say that they also belong to this land and as a legislative assembly member it is my duty to be neutral for everyone.”

Sekar Babu also listed out as to how the community did not support the DMK in previous elections and said that even in the 2021 elections the DMK had got only 50 votes in certain pockets while the BJP got 300 votes in the same areas.

He also said, “When I ask the people here as to why they ignore our party, despite our efforts to uplift their livelihood ,they say they voted for us which I know that they were lying. We now have EVM’s which record the number of votes in each area. It is fine, even if you ignore us, we wont ignore you.”

BJP has come out against the minister and said that he was threatening those who have not voted for the DMK.

 Mahila Morcha National President and Coimbatore South MLA, Vanathi Srinivasan while speaking to BPNS said, “This is unfortunate. The minister should not have made such a statement. The elected officials discriminating Indians on the basis of their native roots is against the very fundamentals of our constitution.”