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PMK leader Dr S Ramdoss calls for price regulation of private milk companies

- May 28, 2021

Chennai, May 28(BPNS)

Founder leader of Pattali Makkal Katchi(PMK) Dr S Ramdoss has called for a price regulation of private milk companies in the state. The PMK leader said that these companies are exploiting the dairy farmers by reducing their procurement rates.

Dr Ramdoss said that these companies are citing Covid-19 pandemic as a reason for reducing the procurement rates.

In a statement ,the PMK leader said, “ After the lockdown announced on May 17 and the stringent lockdown since May 24, sales of vegetables and fruits have considerably reduced but the sale of milk is not reduced and the private milk companies are reducing the procurement rates citing reduced sales which is objectionable.”

He also said that while the Tamil Nadu state milk cooperative Aavin procures milk at Rs 32 per litre ,private companies take milk at Rs 18 per litre during this period. The PMK leader said, “The prices are reduced by 40%  and private companies do not have any stated procurement rates and they may sometimes even buy at the same rate of Aavin and if required may pay more. Government should constitute a board to regulate the selling price and procurement price of milk of private companies.”

The Naam Tamilar Katchi (NTK) leader and movie star Seeman also called upon the state government to ensure that milk is available at a fair price. He said that a few major milk companies are trying to make enormous profits at the expense of milk producers and farmers.