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Socialism to wed Mamata Banerjee in the presence of Communism and Leninism

- June 11, 2021

Chennai, June 11(BPNS)

When parents chose names that are rare and symbolic, Children become famous. On Sunday, June 13, Socialism is tying the knot to Mamata Banerjee and the marriage is to be solemnized at Amani Kondalampatti Area in Kattur, Salem.

The groom AM Socialism is the son of KA Mohan, a Communist Party of India (CPI) leader who hails from a traditional communist family while the bride is from a Congress family and daughter of K.Palaniswami and P. Neelambal couple.

Communism and Leninism are the brothers of Socialism and his nephew is Marxism.

Both the groom’s family and the bride’s family are closely related.

Mohan 52, who is the Villupuram district secretary of the CPI who had contested the 2016 assembly elections as a candidate of the People’s Welfare Alliance, while speaking to BPNS over the telephone, the veteran leader said, “ When Communism took a turn for the worse in Soviet Union people used to rebuke us and then I decided even before my marriage that I would name my children that reflect the ideology and named my children Communism, Socialism, and Leninism. My grandson is Marxism.”

 However Socialism while speaking to BPNS said,” It was not rosy for me and my brothers to have these unique names during our school days and faced a lot of humiliation and flak in our village. But when we reached College, situations changed and we were centres of attraction.”

While Socialism and Leninism are into trading of anklets and silver ornaments, Communism is a practicing lawyer.

Socialism said, “I’m happy that my would-be wife is also having a peculiar name in Mamata Banerjee named after the present Chief Minister and Trinamool Congress leader Mamata Banerjee. Her parents are Congress supporters and hence named their daughter Mamata Banerjee who was a firebrand leader of the Congress party before her exit and floating Trinamool Congress.”

The CPI Tamil Nadu state secretary R Mutharasan and deputy secretary K Subbarayan will attend the wedding