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Chennai police makes serial ATM thief reveal on the modus operandi of the gang

- June 30, 2021

Chennai, June 30(BPNS)

The suspect in the serial State Bank of India  ATM theft case at Chennai, Aamir Arsh Alimuddin who was apprehended by the police was brought to an ATM in the city and made him demonstrate the modus operandi of his gang.

The thief was arrested from a hideout at Ballabhgarh village near Faridabad, Haryana on June 23 and brought to Chennai.  The gang stole around Rs 48 lakh from various SBI, ATMs in Chennai.

Joint Commissioner of police Narentharan Nayar and his team of officers brought Aamir Arsh Alimuddin to the SBI cash deposit machine at Choolai on Wednesday. Police said that the suspect stole around 15 lakh rupees in steps, withdrawing bit by bit in around 190 times. The other suspects together stole the rest of the amount.

Police  said that the gang covered the sensors while drawing money and police invited bank officials also to watch the demonstration so that the bank could take necessary steps to prevent such loots.

A senior police officer while speaking to BPNS said, “The gang hails from Haryana, Rajasthan belt from villages in and around Ballabhgarh. These people are educated and Aamir Arsh Alimuddin is a BE graduate. Others in the team are also Bcom, BA graduates and they have swindled money from across the country. They have operated in Tamil Nadu as two gangs and we traced them following the number plate of the vehicle which they had arrived in the ATM and nabbed them.”

Police said that the gang leader Sathakathullah Khan of Ballabhgarh village has come down to Tamil Nadu and targeted 19 SBI, ATM’s /CDMA machines in the state. The gang was behind 9 ATM thefts in the city, Police said.

The Chennai city police have already arrested three culprits in the case including Aamir Arsh Alimuddin. The second thief, Virendar Rawat was arrested on 26 June, Saturday and a third suspect,  Najim Hussain was arrested from Faridabad and brought to Chennai by air on Tuesday night.

Police said that 10 suspects are involved in the case all hailing in and around Ballabhgarh in Haryana.