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Vaiko writes to PM to get UN support for Tamil Eelam

- June 11, 2021

Chennai, June 11(BPNS)

MDMK general secretary and firebrand leader Vaiko has called upon Prime minister Narendra Modi  to take efforts to conduct a referendum among the global Tamil diaspora for a sovereign state of Tamil Eelam which alone could be the political, economic and defense base for India.

In a letter written to the Prime minister on Thursday, the ultra Tamil nationalist leader who is also a Member of the Rajya Sabha said that the Indian government should safeguard the wishes of the Tamil people and take steps to conduct the referendum for a separate Tamil Eelam.

Vaiko said, “If India fails to safeguard the Tamil Eelam it would lead to the country losing its dominance in the Indian ocean and paving the way for China’s presence in the region”.

The Member of Parliament who is known for his vocal support for the cause of Tamil Eelam said that just like Jews created Israel and India created Bangladesh, the Union government should take a referendum under the observation of the United Nations for a separate Tamil Eelam.

The MDMK leader said that the foreign policymakers opinion that Sri Lanka would lean more towards China if India become proactive on the Tamil Eelam issue is a myth and a delaying tactic.

Vaiko in the letter said, “Even now Sri Lanka is a vocal supporter of China and the foul cry that Sri Lanka would lean more towards China if India stands with Tamil Eelam is a foul cry put forward by the foreign policymakers aimed at delaying tactics.”

The vocal leader said that China has already taken over the rights of the Hanbanthotta port for 99 years and the surrounding areas are also with the Chinese. He said that around 3 lakh Chinese labourers are in Sri Lanka and added that a portion of them would be Chinese spies. He also said that Chinese schools, literature bodies, and karate schools are being opened in the Island nation to increase the soft power of China.

Vaiko while speaking to BPNS said,” The Indian ocean getting surrounded by Chinese is an alarming scenario and the only solution for us is a sovereign Tamil Eelam for the political, economic, and defense base for India. I have written the letter to the Prime minister specifically to address this issue with utmost importance.”