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Stalin assures job to woman engineer who donated 2 sovereigns gold to CMPRF

- June 14, 2021

Chennai, June 14(BPNS)

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin has promised a job to a woman engineering graduate who had donated 2 sovereigns of gold chain  to the Chief Ministers Public Relief Fund by handing over to the Chief Minister during his visit to Mettur.

R Soumya, a Computer Science Engineering Graduate who was residing with her father,a retired employee of Aavin milk, donated her 2 sovereign gold chain to the Chief Minister when he was on a visit to Mettur. Along with this, she gave an application to him requesting a job.

In the petition, she said that she was Computer Engineering Graduate and was living with her father, Radhakrishnan on rented premises and that her mother passed away due to pneumonia. She also mentioned that the family had to spend 13 lakh rupees for the treatment of her mother and that even after that she could not be saved.

She also said that she had two married Sisters and that she and her father were living on her father’s pension of Rs 7000 pm of which Rs 3000 has to be paid as rent. She said that both she and her father were living with the meager Rs 4000 balance amount.

The Computer Science Engineering Graduate requested the Chief minister to get help her with a job opportunity even in a private firm and clearly mentioned that she is not expecting a government job.

Chief minister Stalin in his tweet said that he was moved by the generosity of the woman and her donating 2 sovereigns of gold even in trying conditions. He said that necessary measures would be taken to provide her a job based on her qualifications.