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19 year old fisherman missing in the sea after his boat capsizes

- June 18, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram,June 18(BPNS)

 A 19-year-old fisherman from Maryanadu,Christy Raj,went missing at Muthalapozhi on Friday morning after his boat capsized in a strong wave.

The Anchuthengu Coastal Police said Christy and three others went for fishing from the harbour at 5.20 am in a fiber boat. But their boat capsized while trying to cross the mouth of the harbour.

While three others managed to swim back to safety, Christy went missing in the raging sea. This is the second tragic accident in less than a month, the first being the death of an Anchuthengu fisherman, Saju. Saju’s body was later retrieved from the sea off the coast of Poothura.

Both the accidents were almost identical, with the boats capsizing at the mouth of the harbour, while trying to enter the sea. The fishermen for long have been complaining that Muthalapozhi was fast becoming their ‘Bermuda Triangle’ as boats continue to fall prey to the ravaging waves and the sand bars that have accumulated along the channel due to faulty construction of the harbour. Unofficial records say about 60 fishermen have died in accidents here over the past seven years.