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Chennai Colleges for new courses in data sciences to make students employable in Covid times

- June 28, 2021

Chennai, June 28(BPNS)

In a bid to make students more employable during the taxing times of Covid with digital technology and online becoming the new normal, the colleges in Chennai are turning towards including data science courses in their curriculum as well as commencing new courses in data sciences.

Since the advent of Covid, business and education have shifted in large volume to the online platforms and digital technology and hence data sciences would be the hot subject in the days to come.

Dr. M.R. Manikantan, Principal of a Private college in Chennai while speaking to BPNS said, “ We have already applied to the Madras University for sanctioning for a course in Bsc data sciences which would give a strong foundation for the students and equip them to take on the challenges in the digital sphere. It is a foregone reality that data sciences and data will be the subject of the future and those businesses which have shifted into the online mode is in all likely hood remains in that trajectory in the coming years, hence those who have a sound knowledge base in data sciences would be highly employable.”

M.G .Raghunathan, Principal, Guru Nanak College, echoed a similar view while speaking to BPNS. He said, “  There is going to be a high demand for students who are equipped in data sciences and who can interpret data and those who have sound knowledge in machine learning. Artificial Intelligence and Data analysis and data sciences will be the future and we are commencing courses in Bsc in data analytics and Bcom in Computer Science.”

The University of Madras has already rolled out several courses in data analytics and data sciences including data structure, operating system as well as database management for equipping the students into the job markets of the future.

Sujith Chandrakumar, a social scientist and researcher on the trending jobs while speaking to BPNS said, “ Data Sciences and Artificial Intelligence are the need of the hour and those who are passing out in technology should have a minimum basic knowledge of these hot subjects. A lot of jobs are coming this way in the near future as online technologies and online business have already caught up and hence the necessity for data science qualified people will be on the rise and the decision of the Chennai colleges to commence courses in data analysis and data sciences are praiseworthy.”