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Tamil Nadu Crime branch register case against 10 policemen for intimidating a businessman

- June 28, 2021

Chennai, June 28(BPNS)

The CB-CID of the Tamil Nadu police registered a case against 10 policemen of the state police , including an Assistant Commissioner and a Sub Inspector for having intimidated a businessman and forced him to transfer his property to another businessperson. The case was registered on Sunday on the direction of the Tamil Nadu police headquarters where the complaint was received.

A Chennai based businessman in his complaint said that 10 policemen including an Assistant commissioner had forced him to transfer his properties to another businessman after holding him in illegal detention in a farmhouse along with his mother, fiancée, and his brother.

The complainant said that he had entered into a business venture with some of his associates but had later wound up the operations a few years ago. He said that he had made all the settlements through bank transfers. However, he complained that the police officers led by the Assistant commissioner took him to the police station in September 2019 and threatened him with dire consequences. He said that later he and his family were forcibly taken to a farmhouse in the outskirts of Chennai city and were forced to transfer his property to another businessman.

The Tamil Nadu state police headquarters confirmed that the case has been transferred to the CB-CID of police and that the investigation is on with the department registering a case against the 10 policemen including the Assistant Commissioner for threatening and forcible detention of the businessman.