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Stalin says that there won’t be a third Covid wave if restrictions are followed

- July 4, 2021

Chennai, July 4(BPNS)

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, M.K. Stalin said that there would not be any third wave in the state if the people adhere to the protocols properly and follow the timely directives from the officials.

In a statement on Sunday, the Chief Minister said that people should avoid going out of their homes unnecessarily and to maintain self-discipline.   Stalin said that the availability of the ICU’s and bed facilities are much higher in the state.

The Chief Minister said, “This government is prepared to face any wave and we are confident.”

He said that there were days when the number of fresh Covid cases had touched 36,000 a day but has now come down to 4000 cases a day. The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister said that the state is taking up vaccination as a people’s movement.

Stalin said that the central government has not provided the number of vaccines it required and added that the government would take up a campaign to make people aware on the reason for the shortage of vaccines.

The Chief minister also thanked the people of Tamil Nadu for the support they have extended to the government in controlling the Covid pandemic. He said that a complete lockdown, doctor’s dedication and commitment, State’s medical infrastructure, and an efficient state administration were the four factors towards the successful control of the pandemic in the state.

He also said that the relaxations were implemented in the state as the livelihood of the people was affected, hardships faced in getting even essential supplies and that the state economy was taking a hit.

The Chief minister called upon the people not to show any laxity in taking precautionary measures and urged the people not to think that guidelines need not be followed as the norms have been relaxed.

Stalin called upon the people of Tamil Nadu to follow all Covid protocols including wearing of masks, safe distancing, using sanitisers and washing hands regularly to prevent Covid.