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TN NGO’s to create awareness on vaccination among tribals as several climb trees to avoid the vaccine.

- July 4, 2021

Chennai, July 4(BPNS)

Even as the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu created history by vaccinating almost all the eligible populace of the district including all the tribes being vaccinated, in certain tribal pockets of Coimbatore, the tribes refused to vaccinate with men even climbing trees and women running to the river to fetch water to avoid the jab.

The Tamil Nadu Public health department has already sent SOS to several NGOs in the health sector in the state to create awareness among the tribes to make them comply to vaccinate. Sraddha an NGO based out of Chennai and Coimbatore has already come out to create awareness among tribes and on the importance of vaccination.

Sraddha is an organization based out of Saibaba Colony in Coimbatore as well as at Valsaravakam in Chennai and is using puppetry to teach differently-abled as well as tribal children and those will learning disabilities.

The NGO will be using puppetry to educate the tribes on the necessity of vaccination and the grave danger posed by the Covid -19 pandemic and that vaccination is only the solution to prevent the disease.

Mohandas. P.K. chairman of Sraddha charitable society while speaking to IANS said, “It’s a very sad situation that the tribal people who are indeed the indigenous people of this country does not understand the gravity of the disease. We are already working among the tribal population and hence they know us and we know them, this will help us provide them the necessary awareness on vaccination drive. We are using puppetry show to create educational awareness generally and now we employ the similar method to educate the tribal population of Coimbatore on vaccination.”

The state public health department officials said that they have already spoken to several NGOs regarding the awareness among the tribal people and that the awareness will commence soon.