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Health experts warn the government of a third wave of the pandemic if Covid protocols are not adhered to

- July 5, 2021

Chennai, July 5(BPNS)

The Public Health experts of the state have warned the government of an imminent return of the Covid pandemic if the Standard protocols are not maintained during the relaxations provided.

Heavy rush was witnessed in several public places of Chennai, including Marina beach, and streets that serve food and other necessities, markets, and even public  roads where walkers were seen moving freely even without wearing masks.

Dr. Prabin Sudhakar, a Public health expert with the Tamil Nadu government while speaking to BPNS said, “Relaxations are fine but if the population is not adhering to the minimum basic protocols that everyone should maintain, then nothing can prevent the return of the pandemic. We admit that people were tied inside their homes and have tried to utilize the freedom to the maximum but the requirements which the health department and government had time and again informed the people was not adhered to and this will create a lot of problems. The government will have to act now.”

The Greater Chennai administration has already swung into action after the goof up on Sunday with the Ramanathapuram street in T Nagar witnessing a massive inflow of people. While most of those who had reached the street were window shoppers, there were some who were genuine customers. The police are on the lookout for these window shoppers and are trying to curtail the unnecessary movement of such people.

Chennai city police have already erected barriers in Ramanathapuram street in

T Nagar to prevent a massive gathering of people. Thermal checks are also put in place and those who reach the street would have to undergo this.

While Marina beach is an open space, T Nagar and other shopping streets of Chennai are congested and this creates a good chance of several people contracting the virus and if proper protocols are not maintained, there can be a spurt in cases.

Police sources said that many people were also not wearing masks and when questioned were citing breathing problems as well as other issues and this is another trouble which the health department will have to overcome.

Dr. M.K. Muruganandam, epidemiologist, and Professor with a private medical college in Chennai while speaking to BPNS said, “I have seen huge crowd thronging the popular joints in the city and this would lead to a catastrophe. Police and government health department must act now and create proper measures so that the unnecessary movement of people are curtailed. It will indeed have to be dealt with strongly.”

Police have already erected tents and barricades in the Koyambedu market and Kasimedu fish market as a large number of people are reaching these markets for buying fish and vegetables. A tent is erected near the Koyambedu market and Kasimedu market for conducting thermal checks and public address systems are also in place to inform people on the dangers of crowding and without wearing masks as well as not maintaining social distancing.

Chennai City police commissioner Shankar Jiwal while speaking to BPNS said, “ We have instructed the police to maintain vigil in places where the people are expected to reach in large numbers including markets, shopping areas, beaches, parks and other streets which sell food items. The police will be using the public address system also to create more awareness among people.”