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CVe Shanmugham statement against BJP alliance led to drubbing in polls leads to internal conflict in AIADMK

- July 7, 2021

Chennai, July 7(IANS)

After the loss of the 2021 elections, the first outburst over the BJP alliance the party had in the elections has come out with former minister and Villupuram district secretary of the party, CVe Shanmugham stating that minority votes had gravitated away from the party and front leading to the electoral drubbing.

Several AIADMK functionaries and lower-level leaders were of the opinion that the alliance with the BJP turned out costly for the AIADMK.

Shanmugham addressing a meeting of party office bearers at Villupuram on Tuesday night had said that the minority communities and several traditional vote banks of the AIADMK had left the party leading to its defeat.

The former Minister said that in the Villupuram assembly constituency, he said that the assembly segment had 20,000 minority voters including 18000 in Villupuram town alone. He said that the party lost minority support due to the BJP alliance.

The senior leader also said that the DMK had won the elections due to the failure of the AIADMK to capitalise on its traditional votes and not on any merit of the DMK party. He said that people wanted to continue with the AIADMK government but it was unfortunate that the minority and other traditional voters moved away from the front and the government could not come back.

The AIADMK had entered into a political alliance with the BJP in the 2021 assembly elections but other than BJP winning four seats due to the alliance it was a loss for the AIADMK.

S. Sivasankaran, senior journalist and activist from Madurai while speaking to BPNS said, “ The AIADMK and BJP were into an alliance of convenience and the signs of bickering have come out with the statement of CVe Shanmughan who is seen as the close confidant of Edappady K Palaniswami and who has come out against Sasikala publicly and approached the court that he had death threats from Sasikala camp over his statements against her.”

The senior journalist also said that in the days to come more leaders coming out against the BJP alliance is a certain possibility.