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Crackdown on Bangladeshi nationals in TN after Central intelligence tip-off

- July 14, 2021

Chennai, July 14(BPNS)

The special branch of the Tamil Nadu police has begun an extensive crackdown on Bangladeshi nationals holed up in various parts of the state. This was following a tip-off from central intelligence agencies.

Sources in a central agency while speaking to IANS said that there were a large number of Bangladeshi nationals in various areas of Tamil Nadu in the guise of West Bengal natives. 

The state police have already raided several places and found that the Bangladeshi nationals are using the Indian Aadhar cards and also bank account and other government identities. The investigating agencies are tracking the source from where these people have procured the Aadhar card.

Police sources said that most of these Bangladeshi’s were in industrial areas of Coimbatore, Erode, Tiruppur, and Cuddalore districts. Most of them were, according to the Police, employed in industries of Tamil Nadu.

Some of these Bangladeshi nationals were arrested in cases related to drug pedaling and some in immoral trafficking cases, police said. However, most of these Bangladeshi nationals have their own Aaadhar card and with these cards, they have created other documents and the police are not able to make out whether these people are from West Bengal or Bangladesh.

The central intelligence is also tracking on the whole whereabouts of these Bangladeshi nationals and whether they were involved in any other clandestine anti-national activities. While there have already been inputs of certain Maoist organisations having a clandestine understanding with some terror organizations, the agencies are probing whether the Bangladeshi’s in Tamil Nadu are on any particular mission or whether they are in the state for a living.

While the reports regarding the association of these groups with other anti-national elements is not clear, the intelligence and the state police are not taking any chances given the fact that there are several radical jihadi elements in Bangladesh who get active support from Pakistan-based terror elements.

Pakistan’s Inter Service Intelligence(ISI) has also created several sleeper cells in Bangladesh and the Indian agencies are, according to sources working on the background of these Bangladeshi nationals present in Tamil Nadu.

A senior officer with the Tamil Nadu police while speaking to BPNS said, “We don’t know the exact volume of Bangladeshi nationals here. We will however flush them out in a few day’s time. It’s an operation which we are doing quite meticulously and will arrive at results soon.