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TN to add 1650 MBBS seats in state government medical colleges

- August 10, 2021

Chennai, August 10(BPNS)

Tamil Nadu is all set to increase the tally of MBBS seats to 1650 if all the new 11 Medical colleges in the Government sector of the state gets recognition from the National Medical Council (NMC).

Inspections by the NMC has already been completed in four of the eleven new medical colleges, according to Tamil Nadu Minister for Health, Ma Subramanian.

If all the 11 medical colleges get the clearance from the NMC, then the total tally of MBBS seats in the state would touch 5200.

Ma Subramanian while speaking to BPNS said, “Surprise inspections were conducted at Dindigul, Tiruppur, Namakkal, and Krishnagiri medical colleges by the NMC officials in the past ten days. They are expected to visit the seven remaining colleges in the next few days and as these are surprise visits we don’t have any timelines.”

The panel of officials appointed by the NMC visits the newly constructed medical colleges and inspects the Anatomy, Physiology, and Biochemistry laboratories. The team also inspects the general wards, the number of trained doctors, professors, and teachers as well as the hostel facilities for both boys and girls. The attached hospital with the patient flow is also a matter that would be studied in detail by the inspection team before granting a license to the Medical college.

With the new 11 medical colleges getting clearance, Tamil Nadu will have a medical college in each district of the state catering to the health of the population including the rural populace.  

Dr . Nayarayana Babu, Director, Medical Education, Tamil Nadu said, “With the sanctioning of the 11 new medical colleges, other than the increase in the number of seats, the tertiary medical care will also increase giving a big boost to the  general health of the state’s people.”

The new medical colleges will provide quality training to aspirant doctors and the paramedical staff as well as provide super specialty treatment to even the village population and the poor without any cost.

Most of these medical colleges will have 700- 750 beds and this will help the patients get quality treatment in these super-specialty hospitals. With each district having a medical college, a large percentage of the population will benefit from quality treatment at literary no cost.

The central government had given permission to open 11 medical colleges in the state of Tamil Nadu as part of the national mission of increasing the number of medical colleges in the country. However, the colleges will have to undergo a grinding inspection by the NMC appointed officials including doctors before they get permission to commence classes. All the mandatory parameters must be met before the NMC grants permission for medical colleges in India.