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TN government to celebrate Rajendra Chola 1 birth anniversary as a government event

- August 11, 2021

Chennai, August 11(BPNS)

The Tamil Nadu department for tourism, culture and religious endowment department will celebrate the birth anniversary of Rajendra Chola 1, one of the greatest emperors of the Chola dynasty as a government event. The culture and tourism department made this announcement by a statement on Wednesday.

The birth anniversary of Rajendra Chola 1 is celebrated on Thiruvathirai star in the Tamil month of Aadi but as the day is already over, the department has decided to celebrate the anniversary from next year onwards with style.

Rajendra Chola is considered by Tamil historians and students of history as a great warrior and his exercises in the sea were unparalleled. He was also one of the foremost Chola kings who was instrumental in building temples. Rajendra Chola 1 according to Tamil historians had also established maritime trade with present-day Southeast Asia.

Rajendra Chola 1 is credited for having built the Peruvadiyar temple as well as relocated the capital of Chola kingdom to Gangaikonda Cholapuram in present day Ariyalur district of Tamil Nadu. This temple was recognized by Unesco as one of the world heritage sites.

Historian and Chairman of Gangaikonda Cholapuram Development Council, R Komagan while speaking to BPNS said, “ The decision of the Tamil Nadu government to celebrate the birth anniversary of Rajendra Chola 1 is highly appreciated and this would develop tourism in Ariyalur area. We also urge the government to include the naval supremacy and the maritime trade of Rajendra Chola 1 in the history textbooks of schools in the state.”

He said that the birth anniversary celebrations of Rajendra Chola 1 were restricted among a few history enthusiasts and maritime students while that of this father Raja Raja Chola was celebrated as a government event for decades in Thanjavur.