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VCK to conduct programmes across the state for renaming towns and villages

- August 19, 2021

Chennai, August 19 (BPNS)

 The Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi (VCK), a political movement for the rights of the backward classes and Dalits have said that the party would conduct protest marches across the state for renaming of Villages and Towns.

Party leader and Member of Legislative Assembly, M. Sinthanai Selvan has in the state legislative assembly called upon the state government to change the names of villages and towns that are still using caste names which are creating insult to the Dalits of the state.

The VCK leader said that a village in Dharmapuri district is still named ‘Sakkilipatti” and pointed out that such names are in existence in several parts of the state even now.

The senior leader said that the party would take out protest marches across the state for the rights of the Dalits for removing such names as it was not right.

He said that the Government must collect information on the names of such villages and towns which give a casteist slur and added that social equality will come only when people of all classes feel that they are living with dignity and pride.

The VCK leader also said that more statues of B.R. Ambedkar who is the architect of Indian constitution be erected prominently in all government complexes along with the statues of Mahatma Gandhi and social reformer Periyar.

It may be noted that Tamil Nadu had witnessed several casteist fights between communities and the untouchability and social bias based on caste is prevalent within the rural areas of the state.