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TN finance minister PTR Thiagarajan crticised over ‘ Schizophrenia’ comment against BJP ,TN president

- September 23, 2021

Chennai,Sept 22(BPNS)
Tamil Nadu Finance minister ,PTR Thiagarajan has drawn flak over usibg the word ‘ Schizophrenic’ against Tamil Nadu BJP unit president ,K.Annamalai.
In a tweet on Tuesday night ,Thiagarajan came out heavily againt Annamalai in the tweet ” So .. The schizophrenic’ Kannadiga till I die’, except when 100% Tamil or ” IPS version threat issuer ,turns out to be the Fake News Dolt in Chief”.
Thiagarajan was hinting about Annamalais comments when he was an IPS officer in Karnataka about him veing a Kannadiga and later stating that he was a hundred percent Tamil after becoming BJP president.
The Finance minister was responding to the BJP president’s statement that Thuagarajan did not attend the GST Council meeting at Lucknow as he was attending a ‘ baby shower functions of his sister in law’.Several social activists have come out against Thiagarajan using the term schizophrenia and Prof .G.Manonmani,Professor of Political Science at Chennai while speaking to BPNS said” The minister is mocking a psychological condition. It is not good in a civil society”.Prof Deepaknathan who is a social and disability activist came out against the statement of the Finance minister.
While speaking to BPNS,he said” Using a psycho social term like Schizophrenia to label political opponents to insult them can never be accepted.”
The state finance minister however said that he had studied psychology for five years as a graduate student and said that he had never used such a term against any other politician.
R. Padmanabhan,Director.of Social Economic Development Foundation ,a think tank based out of Salem while speaking to IANS said ” The term of schizophrenia can never be used . The state finance minister seems to have lost control over the word. It should not have been used to insult anyone.”