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North Indian community in Tamil Nadu celebrate Deepavali with pomp and galore

- November 4, 2021

Chennai, Nov 4 (BPNS)

Even as rains have hampered extensive Deepavali celebrations in Tamil Nadu with most preferring to stay indoors, the North Indian community in Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Trichy, and other important towns of Tamil Nadu celebrated the festival of lights with pomp and galore.

The Marwari community hailing from Rajasthan and who have several business interests in Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, and other towns celebrated the festival. In Ashok Nagar, Marwari community members joined together at a common hall to celebrate the festival. Dressed in the best of attire and eating the best quality of vegetarian food the community members also danced to the tune of Hindi numbers.

Hemant Kumar, a pawnbroker in Parry’s, Chennai, and who stays in Sarvamangala Colony, Ashok Nagar while speaking to BPNS said, “Deepavali was not celebrated properly last year due to Covid but this year we are celebrating the festival of lights with pomp and galore. Both Children and adults are dancing to the tune of good music and we have bash. As Deepavali rightly denotes, we expect that we had at last seen light after the darkness of the pandemic.”

The Jain community who lives scattered in several areas of Coimbatore also joined together for celebration at the uptown plush area of Saibaba Colony in Coimbatore.

Ajit Jain, who is running a textile distribution company in Coimbatore while speaking to BPNS said, “Deepavali the festival of lights is one festival we never miss and we celebrate it with maximum pomp and galore. While our roots are in Delhi, myself and my brothers and sisters are born and brought up here as our family is doing a traditional textile distribution. The entire community has assembled at this colony to celebrate the festival of lights. Dance, music, feast, bursting of crackers, and feast are  indispensable part of Deepavali celebration in addition to special prayers.”

While there are restrictions in force regarding bursting of crackers, most of the communities are bursting crackers within the stipulated time frame of the government of Tamil Nadu.