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For tourism boost, Puducherry government to conduct beach festival from April 13 to 16th

- April 6, 2022

Puducherry, April 6 (BPNS)

In a bid to promote tourism and to generate jobs, in the Union Territory which was devastated due to the Covid -19 pandemic, the Puducherry Government will conduct beach festival from April 13 to April 16.

Puducherry tourism minister, Lakshminarayanan in a statement said that the festival would include cultural programmes, western music and dance, a catamaran race, bicycle marathon, kite flying, seafood gourmet, fashion show, water sports activities, and volleyball tournament.

The beach festival will be held at the Gandhi statue beach promenade, Gandhi thidal craft Bazar,  Chunnambar water sports complex, Paradise beach, sand dunes beach, and Pondy Maria beach.

The minister said that tourists from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu visit Puducherry on weekends and added that the government has proposed to make the Union Territory a tourist destination on weekdays also.

Lakshminarayan who also holds the PWD portfolio said that many infrastructure facilities have been created over the years in the territory, particularly on the beaches.

The Puducherry tourism minister while speaking to BPNS said, “ We have made full efforts to overcome the situation created by the Covid -19 situation and the four-day beach festival is part of this move to improve tourism in the Union Territory as well as for employment generation.”