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TNPCB employees not to use personal vehicles on Wednesday’s for pollution-free commute

- November 16, 2021

Chennai, Nov 16 (BPNS)

The Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB) employees will not use personal vehicles on Wednesday’s starting this week to promote pollution-free commutation. The TNPCB chairman R. Udhayan in a statement said that the board will be promoting ECOmmute in a big way and that the step taken to avoid personal vehicles on Wednesday is part of the decision to create awareness on pollution-free travel.

The employees will use public transport, cycle, walk, or Electric vehicles on that day for travel, the statement said.

The TNPCB chairman in the statement also said that the idea had come up during a routine official level meeting between officers and employees and now the decision is to be implemented.

The TNPCB headquarters have around 250 employees and contract staff working and the step to skip personal vehicles on Wednesdays would lead to reduction of air pollution load by 20% than when vehicles are used by staff.

The statement also said that the visitors to the TNPCB headquarters on Wednesdays would also be encouraged not to use personal motorized vehicles.

The TNPCB is also planning several awareness programmes among the general public especially among school and college children to reduce personal vehicle use to improve air quality and reduce pollution.

The department is planning to use statistics and might also rope in stars to campaign for the programmes on awareness against air pollution.