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Coimbatore police arrests activists for protesting against RSS camp in private school

- December 30, 2021

Chennai, Dec 30 (BPNS)

The Coimbatore police on Thursday arrested several activists including leaders of Thanthai Periyar Dravida Kazhagam( TPDK) Thursday, who had staged demonstrations against the RSS conducting a shakha and camp at the premises of a private school in the city.

TPDK general secretary, K. Ramakrishnan while addressing the protest march said that the action of the RSS would create fear and unrest among the ordinary people of the area.

Police said that the activists turned violent in front of the private school where the RSS was conducting its one-week orientation programme for its lower-level cadre. The orientation programme, “Prathamik Shiksha Varg” was conducted at the school premises since  December 24th and would conclude on Friday.

K. Ramakrishnan was forcefully lifted from the agitation area and put into the police vehicle. While speaking to IANS the TPDK leader said,” The RSS is an organization that spreads hatred and mistrust among the people and the police should not have given assent for the conduct of the camp of the RSS at the school premises. We have conducted a protest to make the world note as to what RSS is doing and the public speaking done by us has given a lot of understanding to the local people as to what RSS exactly is and what its agenda is.”

 Police said that all the protestors were taken into custody and lodged at a wedding hall in Villankurichi near Coimbatore.