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Deposit Plastic waste, pocket money: Coimbatore corporations novel idea to dispose plastic

- March 7, 2022

Chennai, March 7 (BPNS)

Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation (CCMC) has come up with a novel idea to dispose of plastic wastes by the method of depositing plastic waste and pocket money.

The corporation in association with NGOs like Resident Awareness Association of Coimbatore (RAAC)  and Rotary Club of Coimbatore Texcity has launched the ‘Green Brick Initiative’

A senior official of the CCMC said that to make a ‘Green Brick’ , crush and stuff dry plastic wrappers in a one or two-litre plastic bottle and push the waste into the bottom of the bottle until it becomes rock solid. Bottles that are less than one litre are rejected.

Interestingly each ‘Green Brick’ that weighs around 4 to 5 kg fetch Rs 5.

The CCMC has opened 12 collection centres across the city and people can drop the ‘Green Bricks’ at these centres every Saturday till February 26, 2023.

CCM officials said that the idea of this concept evolved after the Vellalore dump yard in Coimbatore district crossed the 1000 tonne mark. The ‘Green Bricks’ , according to the officials would be used for building benches and compound walls across the city.

Rajagopal Swaminathan, Secretary, Kovai Green initiative, an NGO based out of Coimbatore said, “This is one of the best measures taken by the CCMC and this would lead to a lot of plastic waste being concentrated into one place and can be value-added for making benches and compound walls. The menace of plastic waste can be reduced by this novel concept.”

People of the area are also happy as they can dispose off the waste and will get a small amount of money as an incentive.

Madhumitha, a student of Class 12 in a government school of Coimbatore told BPNS, “ I have collected plastic waste including rappers and such other wastes and filled bottles with it converting into a ‘Green Brick’. Coming Saturday will put 20 green bricks in the collection centre and will get Rs 100 as pocket money. It’s interesting.”

The Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation is planning to spread this into more collection centres and has already roped in a few corporates to get funding for the project from their CSR support initiatives.