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Education is the ultimate liberation tool for anyone, Justice Chandru

Chennai, March 9 ( IANS)

Human Rights activist and former Judge of Madras High Court, Justice Chandru has said that Education is the ultimate liberation tool for anyone.

He was speaking in a programme jointly organized by The American Centre under the US Consulate Chennai and the Loyola College conducted a talk on March 9th on Justice for All. The talk titled, “ Justice For All, Towards an Equal, Inclusive and Free Society”, the US consulate in a statement on Wednesday said.

 Virsa Perkins, Political-Economic Chief and Co-chair, Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee of US Consulate, Chennai participated in the discussion along with Justice Chandru.

The event was held at the Loyola College auditorium in Chennai on Wednesday that was attended by more than 200 students of journalism, human rights, and legal studies from leading colleges and universities of Chennai.

Justice Chandru and Virsa Perkins shared their perspectives on a range of topics including the challenges that the marginalized and vulnerable populations in both India and the United States face when it comes to assess to justice.

Both the panelists spoke on the role of judiciary in the respective constitutions of India and that of the United States of America in ensuring and protecting the rights of all individuals irrespective of their religion, economic status, gender, or ethnicity.

Justice Chandru and Virsa Perkins also spoke about the important roles played by films, television, media, and social media can play in highlighting and sensitizing the wider public to some of these issues.

Rev Dr. A. Thomas, Principal, Loyola College in his welcome address said,” Loyola  College teaches its students to be human rights defenders. What is guaranteed in the constitution, should be granted in reality”.

Justice Chandru’s story is shown in the movie ‘Jai Bhim’ in which as a young advocate defending the rights of a woman whose husband was tortured and later killed in police custody was an incident that happened in Villupuram in Tamil Nadu in 1996. Advocate Chandru went on to become Justice Chandru after he was posted as Madras High Court judge and he had brought in several landmark judgments in the defense of Human rights.

Perkins in her speech said,” It was an honour to be in the presence of Justice Chandru and to watch the film Jai Bhim to see his work in real life. I enjoyed our discussion on raising awareness and protecting marginalized communities. The late US Congressperson and Civil Rights icon, John Lewis said it best ‘ never ever be afraid make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble.’ This quote applies perfectly to Justice Chandru”.